People always warn for a culture shock when you visit Asia. Japan would be a true culture shock. Chinese are said to be dirty and rude. No such things did I experience in my trips to different parts of Asia.

The best way to experience Asia is just by immersing yourself in all it’s culture, flavors, amazing cities and breathtaking nature. From our honeymoon in Thailand to the two weeks I spent in Hong Kong and from my visits to Beijing and Shanghai to my hikes of the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal (currently preparing) and the Kumano Kodo in Japan.

Here are my favorite places in Asia:

Kumano Kodo Hiking

Asia by foot: my favorite hikes.

There are some amazing hikes in Asia, here are some of my favorites.

Omakase in Kanteki in Tanabe in Japan
Dinner with the amazing Chieko Ogawa in Tokyo

My favorite Asia city trips

So many cities to choose from. These are my favorites.

Some highlights:

A glimpse of the memories I made in Asia: