I can spend hours on optimising my packing lists. And at least as much time optimising my gear. Cleaning it. Looking for better gear. Tweaking. Polishing. Repairing. So here’s to the noble art of choosing your gear wisely.

I’m genuinely not a materialistic guy and can enjoy the simplest pieces of gear. I do however have my clear favorites for business trips and for hiking. For my favorite products, see my detailed different packing lists and my favorites for business travel and hiking in 2019. There are several brands that stand out; I love my Gregory backpacks, Adventure Foods meals, most Sea-to-summit gear (including their compression bags), most Icebreaker gear and have been a hardcore user of Asics running shoes as long as I can remember.

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Why I paid 800 euros for a suitcase.

My Rimowa.


Probably my favorite cloting brand.

A hairclip as my favorite multipurpose tool.

Had to steal one from my daughter.

IKEA as amazing travel brand.

So much amazing gear from the Swedish brand.Feel free to browse through all the posts or use the button to see the category view.