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Omakase is the art of letting go, of having an open mind – in a way, in dealing with the unknown. And planning and preparation seems to be … well … the exact opposite. But it is pretty hard to hike multiple days in the mountains without preparation. Preparation and planning often frees up time and opportunity to travel with an open mind. So here are my plans and preparation materials for my trips.

A few words on traveling with an open mind.

On omakase travel.

I spend a lot of time planning and preparing my hikes and runs – whether it is in packing lists or overall planning of the trail and circumstances. Here are some example posts on how I prepared for the Laugavegur trail, Jordan trail and the Arctic Circle Trail.

Planning and preparation also means planning for the worst – your hiking safety. On how to avoid snake bites, what to do in case of a snake bite, how to do hygiene on the trail (including embracing the stink), gear for worst case scenarios like the Personal Locator Beacon and Garmin InReach Mini.

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