Packing lists

What to pack …

Did I pack enough? Too much? Did I bring everything I need?

I can spend hours optimizing my gear – exchanging one piece of gear for the other, repacking, repacking again. On the other hand, once I have optimized my gear, pack lists or habits, I can pack within minutes (see my post on how I use color-coded toilet bags).

So here are packing lists for my different trips.

Speaking at AXA event in Brussels

Packing for business trips

As I travel to at least 2 countries every week, I have my habits when it comes to packing for business trips. Here is my packing list for short business trips and my favorite gear for business trips in 2019. These include some of my favorite items: clothes covers, compression bags and of course my color-coded toilet bags.

Gear for GR20 in Corsica (France)

Packing lists for hiking

With every hiking trip I make, my gear setup gets more refined. From my first big solo Kumano Kodo hike in Japan to my more recent Jordan Trail adventures, my gear has evolved over time. These are my different lists and my favorite gear for 2019, including my favorites like hair nets, my Garmin InReach Mini.