After I had to cancel my 2019 plans to hike the Arctic Circle Trail because I was diagnosed  Cytomegalovirus, I quickly had to settle on a new plan. As I had an amazing experience in Japan in June 2015, I decided to settle for the ‘safe’ choice of re-doing the Kumano Kodo Nakahechi and adding the Kohechi part to finish in Koya San.

My Kumano Kodo Nakahechi and Kohechi solo hike packing list

I total approximately 8 kilograms of gear, outside of water.



  • None, as I am planning to spend the night in ryokan and minshuku.


  • 4* Underwear (Icebreaker) – I use two black ones for hiking and a red one for the evenings/nights
  • 4* Coollite shirt (Icebreaker) – I use two black/blue ones for hiking and a red one for the evenings/nights
  • 3* Hiking pants (The North Face)
  • 1* Softshell (Icebreaker)
  • Rain jacket
  • Rain pants
  • Sun glasses Julbo Aero Zebra Light Fire
  • Footwear
    • 4* Walking socks
    • Hiking boots (Meindl Sento GTX I first used on the Jordan Trail)


  • Mobile Phone (iPhone 8) for pictures and communications + cable
  • Battery pack Xtorm Power bank + micro USB cable (also used for Garmin InReach Mini)
  • Garmin InReach Mini (with monthly subscription) – not strictly necesssary, but wanted at least one
  • Watch/route tracker (Garmin 935) + dedicated cable


  • 1* Towel
  • Toilet articles for personal use
  • Plaster for blisters and medicine for personal use
  • 1* Wet toilet paper towels
  • Hygiene hand gel
  • Biodegradable soap (for washing, cleaning)
  • 3* lenses + lensfluid
  • glasses + box for glasses


  • No cooking gear and hardly any meals, as I am planning to eat breakfast and dinner in ryokan/minshuku
  • Pocket knife
  • 10* Powerbar gel
  • 10* Powerbar Gelshots
  • 2*5-pack Bifi
  • Medicine
  • Pain killers
  • Extra vitamins


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