Last night I slept in the Indigo hotel in Antwerp, a beautiful place, a beautiful room. Around midnight I had came back to the hotel, took a shower, jumped in between the clean crispy sheets, used the switches next to my bed to turn of the room lights … only to find out there was a separate light in the complete opposite corner of the hotel room. Arrrghhh … hotel lights.

This is not the first time. It probably happens in more than 50% of my hotel stays.

I have had hotel rooms where I had to remove the room key card to make sure all the lights went out. I even once was so tired and stubborn to find the off switch (and not willing to face the humiliation to walk to the front desk to ask how to turn off the lights) that I finally gave up and left a light on.

So, why are not all hotel room lights controlled by the same switches and -maybe even more important- which evil minds think it’s convenient or fun to turn on all the lights so guests have to get out of bed to turn them off?

Why. Please. Why?

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