Did I pack enough? Too much? Did I bring everything I need?

I can spend hours optimizing my gear – exchanging one piece of gear for the other, repacking, repacking again. On the other hand, once I have optimized my gear, pack lists or habits, I can pack within minutes (see my post on how I use color-coded toilet bags).

That one time I brought a rain coat and rain jacket I did not use in the Jordan desert. That one time I brought an extra 3 days of food I didn’t eat. That time I packed breakfast meals I didn’t like. On the other end, there was that one time I forgot my sunglasses in the snowy mountains of Iceland.

What I’m trying to say is … every second spend on packing your stuff is repayed threefold on the road. That is why I am keeping, optimising and sharing my packing lists from all my hikes here.

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