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Shikoku henro
January 22, 2019

Japanese words for hiking in Japan

When preparing for the Shikoku pilgrimage (and earlier, when hiking the Kumano Kodo) I stumbled upon…
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Amazing Tokyo food experience with the legend Chieko Ogawa
September 8, 2018

The best tips for Tokyo – according to me

I spent a few days in Tokyo as a part of my Japan trip (also see…
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Kumano Hongu Taisha Grand Shrine Oyunohara.
June 10, 2016

Hiking Kumano Kodo: Tsugizakura-oji to Hongu, Hongu to Yunomine (Japan)

A rather easy stretch trough beautiful woods, with the ultimate reward at the end: the…
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On the way up to Echizen-toge pass
June 10, 2016

Hiking Kumano Kodo: Ukegawa to Koguchi, Koguchi to Nachisan (Japan)

Please note: this post covers two stages, Ukegawa to Koguchi and Koguchi to Nachisan as I…
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May 1, 2016

On Omakase: “Just give me something that tastes good”

“Just give me something that tastes good”, he said to the confused bystander. *He* was Raymond, one of the founders of srprs.me, a new travel company that offered surprise holidays.…
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