After I had to cancel my Arctic Circle Trail hike, I looked for a relaxed destination to unwind. After some consideration, I settled on Japan and a familiar destination, the Wakayama prefecture and the Kumano Kodo trail. I had enjoyed both Japan and the area very much in 2019, so I figured it would delight me this time as well. Overall plan is to just enjoy the Wakayama prefecture. If I feel well enough, I can maybe hike parts, if I don’t I can take alternative transport. 

Day 1: Shirahama

  • Arrive with an early flight (08h45) from Amsterdam (originally from Brussels)
  • Spend the night at the Marriott in Shirahama, a coastal resort 2 hours south of Osaka.

Day 2: Tanabe

Day 3: First day on the Kumano Kodo

First day of my Kumano Kodo hike, from Takijiri to Tsugizakura (a total of 17 kilometers). Idea is to see every single day how I feel. If I feel like it, I can do some hiking, if I don’t I can get a bus or alternative transportation.

Day 4: Second day on the Kumano Kodo

The second day of my Kumano Kodo hike, from Tsugizakura to Yunomine via Kumano Hongu Taisha (a total of 24 kilometers).

Day 5: Third day on the Kumano Kodo

  • Yunomine to Kumano Hongu to Totsukawa Onsen, visit the onsen.

Day 6: Fourth day on the Kumano Kodo

  • Totsukawa Onsen to Miura-guchi.

Day 7: Fifth day on the Kumano Kodo

  • Miura-guchi to Omata.

Day 8: Sixth day on the Kumano Kodo

  • Omata to Koyasan.
  • Night tour on the cemetery.
  • Fire ceremony.
  • Sleep in Eko-In.

Day 9: Relax some more

  • Relax some more, maybe visit Nara.
  • Sleep at the Intercontinental Hotel in Osaka. 

Day 10: Heading back home

  • Breakfast
    Breakfast bento box in town.
  • Morning
    10h25 flight back from Osaka to Amsterdam.
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