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Day planning Japan trip Osaka, Kumano Kodo and Koyasan

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After I had to cancel my Arctic Circle Trail hike, I looked for a relaxed destination to unwind. After some consideration, I settled on Japan and a familiar destination, the Wakayama prefecture and the Kumano Kodo trail. I had enjoyed both Japan and the area very much in 2019, so I figured it would delight me this time as well. Overall plan is to just enjoy the Wakayama prefecture. If I feel well enough, I can maybe hike parts, if I don’t I can take alternative transport. 

Day 1: Shirahama

  • Arrive with an early flight (08h45) from Amsterdam (originally from Brussels)
  • Spend the night at the Marriott in Shirahama, a coastal resort 2 hours south of Osaka.

Day 2: Tanabe

Day 3: First day on the Kumano Kodo

First day of my Kumano Kodo hike, from Takijiri to Tsugizakura (a total of 17 kilometers). Idea is to see every single day how I feel. If I feel like it, I can do some hiking, if I don’t I can get a bus or alternative transportation.

Day 4: Second day on the Kumano Kodo

The second day of my Kumano Kodo hike, from Tsugizakura to Yunomine via Kumano Hongu Taisha (a total of 24 kilometers).

Day 5: Third day on the Kumano Kodo

  • Yunomine to Kumano Hongu to Totsukawa Onsen, visit the onsen.

Day 6: Fourth day on the Kumano Kodo

  • Totsukawa Onsen to Miura-guchi.

Day 7: Fifth day on the Kumano Kodo

  • Miura-guchi to Omata.

Day 8: Sixth day on the Kumano Kodo

  • Omata to Koyasan.
  • Night tour on the cemetery.
  • Fire ceremony.
  • Sleep in Eko-In.

Day 9: Relax some more

  • Relax some more, maybe visit Nara.
  • Sleep at the Intercontinental Hotel in Osaka. 

Day 10: Heading back home

  • Breakfast
    Breakfast bento box in town.
  • Morning
    10h25 flight back from Osaka to Amsterdam.

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  • […] The second time, I spent time at the InterContinental Osaka (part of IHG obviously). Its location is perfect in the center of the city, near different train stations that connect you to different parts of the country. And the different shopping/living towers nearby offer a wide variety of shopping opportunities and food. The hotel itself is one of the best InterContinentals I ever stayed at. Clean, up-to-date, service-minded. And not tired and worn down like some of the InterContinentals all over the world. The spa is amazing as well, especially after a long hike like the Kumano Kodo.  […]

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