City trips.

Despite the fact that my wife and I recently realized we are kinda over city trips, we’ve been to plenty of places. Because of my work I get to visit a lot of cities around the world – I even developed my own habits in exploring a city (sometimes even running).  Here are my favorite cities.

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City trips

As I said, my wife and I recently realized we are kinda over city trips. We’d rather go to more remote areas in the woods or near the sea. Despite that, I visit approximately 15-20 capitals per year. I personally try to see as much as I can from an area’s daily life by hiking through parts of the area. When I travel to larger cities, I usually plan upfront (read also why).

As a kid, my partners would not take us on city trips too much. I can vividly remember the first trips to Berlin and London we made as a family, but that was only in my teenage years. So I guess I had some catching up to do when I got older 🙂

Here are my favorites.

Oysters at Restaurant Goesting in Utrecht

My favorite city trip destinations for food.

My best true omakase experience was in the tiny village of Tanabe in Japan (also, read why surprise dinners make you happier). I never had a better pizza than I had in Naples, period. The best food experience I ever had was in The Jane in Antwerp.

Sky over Warsaw
Gent - Gravensteen

My favorite European city trips

So many cities to choose from. Amsterdam, my second home, Ostend, our favorite retreat on the Belgian coast, AthensPragueMadrid, Tokyo, … these are my favorites.

Room at Kimpton DeWitt Amsterdam
Breakast at 1898 The Post. Photo by Andrew Harper

If you would have to spend your whole city trip in your hotel ...

Sometimes hotels are a necessary evil (like with my sad birthday experiment, with dirty hotels rooms or the annoying habit to turn on all the lights). Sometimes, they are so good, you don’t want to leave your hotel room. One of my favorite hotels ever is the Kimpton DeWitt in Amsterdam, closely followed by the Hotel 1898 The Post in Gent. Here are my favorite hotels for your city trips. Ah, and while you’re at it – don’t forget to take a picture of your room number 😉

Running Osaka with the locals

My favorite cities
to go out for a run.

Running is a great way to explore a city. Probably one of my favorite run cities ever, is Utrecht in The Netherlands, which offers a wide range of possibilities, ranging from running through the historic center to running along the river. Amsterdam has some amazing areas in the Western part of the city. Helsinki is magical with its different lakes. Prague and Bratislava both have amazing runs along the river and have a green backcountry just outside of the city. And although I wouldn’t recommend the cities as running cities per se, New York and Athens have marathons that make a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Some highlights:

Some of my favorite city trips: