I did over 100 flights last year. Of these 100 times, four times my suitcase was lost, of which three times last month. It made me wonder: what did I do wrong? How to avoid losing check-in luggage?

Well, turned out, the answer was pretty simple.

As I am often flying short distances (BRU-AMS-BRU, AMS-LHR-AMS) with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines or other airlines with a hub, most passengers on my flight are actually transfer passengers; they fly via the airline’s hub to another destination. In my case: probably at least 98% of all people on the BRU-AMS flight will transfer in AMS: they will fly to New York, Stockholm, Prague … wherever they would like to go.

Which makes the work for the luggage handlers interesting: by far most of the passenger are transfer passengers ( I imagine, often all of them) which makes it easier for them to load all luggage onto the transfer belt rather than the local belt.

So if you have the option to only take luggage to the cabin instead of having check-in luggage on short flights where most people actually have a transfer – please do so. You will be happy not losing check-in luggage for once.

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