It was one of my very first trips without my dad and mom, together with some friends traveling through Italy. We had an amazing time traveling to Rome, Milan, Florence and Pisa. On one of our travel days between these cities, we were sitting in a larger train cabin with different people from different nationalities. At some point, one of the Americans in the cabin asked what sound a rooster makes. The rest of us – from France, Canada, The Netherlands and Germany, all responded with a different sound.

For me it was an eye opener. Same animal. Same sound. Yet so different. Another proof for me, that only with an open mind, you experience so much more.

A few years ago, the same question was subject of a thread on Quora. These were the outcomes:

  • Romanian: Cucurigu! To pronounce, read only the bolded part Cuckoo-trip-goo
  • English: cock-a-doodle-doooooo!
  • Farsi aka Persian: قوقولى قوقو ghoo-ghoo-lee ghoo-ghoo
  • Brazillian Portuguese is “Cocoricó”
  • In Tamil it is kokkarakkō (கொக்கரக்கோ).
  • Dutch (Netherlands): Kukeleku
  • Chinese: wo-wo-wo… 喔喔喔~~
  • In Hindi & Marathi it is simply “kuk du ku.”
  • Russian: ku-ka-re-KU
  • Swedish: kuckeliku
  • In Japanese it’s kokekokko with the last o is a long vowel (コケコッコー)
  • French = Cook a rie kee!
  • The German rooster (Hahn) says: kikeriki, which is pronounced like “kicker-ree-KEY”. The verb for his shouting is krähen.

Not only super insightful, also a great game to play when you’re around the campfire with different nationalities 🙂

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