Arabic words for hiking in Jordan

With my new friends Attaf, Yunes, Basil on the Jordan Trail in 2021
With my new friends Attaf, Yunes, Basil on the Jordan Trail in 2021

Before I went on to hike the Jordan Trail, I had never been to the Middle East, never thoroughly studied local culture, let alone learned some Arabic words. I got in contact with Swedish photographer Leif Söderlund via Instagram (the good way), who was kind enough to share his list of words he uses on the trail and added them to the list I got from the Jordan Trail website. I added words I used on the trail a lot.

So here are some essential Arabic words for hiking in Jordan:

Hello/peace be upon youes-sa-LAA-moo aah-LAY-koom (mostly abbreviated to es-sa-LAA-moo)
Hello/peace be upon you (reply)wa aah-LAY-koom es-sa-LAM
My name is _____AH-na IS-mee _____
Thank youSHUK-ran
Where is __________?Wayn ___________?
GoodbyeMA-ah es-sa-LAA-meh
Good morningSabah El Jamir
What is your name?Shu ismak?
Nice to meet youTa sharafna
Come on, hurry upYalla yalla
Excuse meLow Sahmet
SorryAna asif
No thank youLa shukran lek (probably the expression I used the most as I was kindly refusing tea (Bedouin) or merchandise (at Little Petra and Petra)).
WaterMai (pronounced ‘moi’)
HikingMA-sji (there is another word, Netmsha, but I never used it)
BeautifulJamil (pronounced ‘djamil’)
A little (or: slow)Shwei shwei
I love …Baheba …
SunsetEl Ghoroob
Danger/dangerousKhatar (pronounce ‘Ghatar’)
Night (mainly used to tell where I was going to sleep)Lail
Today LI-oom (El-Youm)

Please let me know if you have other Arabic words to add.

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