Over the years, I have done several conferences in Bratislava. So, here are the best tips for Bratislava – according to me:

Why you’ll love Bratislava

Maybe because Bratislava has mediocre flight connections (best is to fly to Vienna), the city isn’t as flooded like Prague, Vienna or other popular Eastern European capitals. It however, has the same vibe, amazing old city centre, but combines that with very affordable price and a streets that aren’t flooded with tourists. 

On top of that, Bratislava has great connections to the green areas around the city, making it a great base for hikes or cycle tours.

My best omakase experience in Bratislava

The Japanese habit of omakase (お任せ) when you’re ordering at a restaurant pretty much means, “I’ll leave it up to you”, inviting the chef to be innovative and surprising in the selection of dishes. I try to do it in every city I visit, and apply the idea behind to everything between how I pick my runshow I pick my foodhow I plan activities with my kidshow I explore cities and how I travel in general. So, I tried this in Bratislava as well.

My best omakase experience in Bratislava was at Soho, where I not only had some amazing Asian food, but also a surprise alcohol-free cocktail. 

The best places to get some work done in Bratislava – according to me.

  • I loved loved loved the Martinus bookstore in the city center. A truly amazing place to have a coffee, browse for some books, have some small bites and work.

The best restaurants in Bratislava – according to me.

  • Pán Cakes has a wide variety of super tasty (and cheap) … euh … pancakes. 
  • Soho is a really nice restaurant in one of the main shopping streets.

The best hotels in Bratislava – according to me.

  • Grand Hotel River Park is amazing. Great service, super helpful in finding running routes (one of the few times a hotel was actually helpful in finding running routes).
  • I have stayed in the Crown Plaza, but that was so-so. 

The best things to do in Bratislava – according to me

Bratislava by night
Bratislava by night
  • The ufo bridge and tower have an amazing view over the city – be sure to try at night.

The best places for a run in Bratislava – according to me

  • The Danube river is a really great place to have a run. It has multiple bridges, which quite naturally lets you run distances of 5-15 kilometer, depending which bridges you cross. Especially the non-city side of the city has a large green area that is great for running.
  • If you have some more time, you might want to consider to move slightly out of town into the hills to run on one of the many paths there.

So, what are your best tips for Bratislava?

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