As I have been traveling for business pretty much every single week for the last 8 years, I have developed my own pretty specific preferences of what to pack on a short business trip (1-5 days). So here’s my business trip packing list (hand luggage only):

My Business trip packing list (hand luggage only)

  • Suitcase Rimowa Original Cabin– I love four-wheel spinners over two-wheel suitcases as I have more options to move my suitcase and they cost less energy. The only moment I would prefer a backpack-style bag is when I am spending a lot of time moving around in a city during the day (e.g. meetings all over London). Spinners are then slowing you down, especially if you are fortunate enough to encounter a lot of stair or cobblestones. When I recently broke my gazillionth Samsonite Spinner within its warranty, I had it and I shifted to my Rimowa Original Cabin – super happy ever since. Extremely durable, great customer service.
  • Default Toilet bag (also, see my post on how I use different colored toilet bags to pack super-fast)
  • Clothing
  • Food toilet bag with
    • Porridge / oatmeal – I am rather picky when it comes to breakfast and I usually get up very early (somewhere between 4 and 6) when there is no breakfast available yet.
    • Trail nuts – to eat with the porridge/oatmeal
    • Tea – I like good tea, so usually change the hotel tea bags for fresh tea packed in a sealed container.
  • Sports gear
    • Garmin Forerunner 935 to track my runs.
    • Nike hip belt to carry my phone, wet wipes, some cash money, ID and bank card while running.
    • Clothing for runs:
      • T-shirt for each run planned that week – I love my Nike Combat Compression shirts.
      • Long sleeve shirts (in winter)
      • Pair of shorts for each run
      • Pair of socks for each run
      • Boxers for each run
    • Running toilet bag with
      • Charging cable for my Garmin Forerunner 935
      • Wet wipes
      • Extra pair of contact lenses
      • Nail clipper
      • iPhone earphones
    • Camelbak Circuit vest (only if I have long runs planned)
    • Summer gear:
      • Decathlon sunglasses
      • Running cap
    • Winter gear:
      • Gloves
      • Windstopper
    • Manduka eKO Superlite yoga mat (for core exercises in my hotel room)
    • Running shoes (depending on my planned runs, I will switch between my regular shoes, trail runners or lytes)
    • Running shoe bag
    • Two plastic hairnets to put over the soles of my running shoes to keep dirt from scattering around my suitcase (also see my separate post on how I use hairnets).

Notes for my Business trip packing list

  • When I need to pack my suit and for longer stays, I usually switch to a larger suit case.

Recent changes to my Business trip packing list

  • My yoga mat was added early 2018.
  • I dropped wearing white t-shirts under my button-up shirts after French colleagues made painfully clear that that was the Dutchest thing to do ever.

Changes I am planning to make to my Business trip packing list

  • I will need to change my default toilet bag to a see-through one for security clearance purposes.
  • To cut down on my plastic footprint, I will be adding my own travel cutlery soon.
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