Memorable experiences. YOLO. Carpe diem. There’s a lot of talk about living life to the fullest. I do my part in trying to collect these beautiful memories, memorable experiences. Part of it is about doing stuff worth remembering; about omakase, about being open for new experiences. Part of it, however, is about actually remembering things. And that’s where this story on closing your eyes comes in.

Closing your eyes to see more

A few years ago, I was at a conference in Prague where I had dinner with several other speakers. Opposite me was one of the female speakers. We got talking about our kids and the cliche of them growing up so fast. On how we remember so few moments. And then she leaned over and said: “I close my eyes”. And she closed here eyes to illustrate, as if I did not get the concept of eyes nor closing them.

I actually did not get her point at first. It seemed a bit awkward to close your eyes in a remarkable moment.

But then she explained how she had developed the habit, after beautiful moments (memorable experiences so you will), to sit back, sniff as much in from the environment and surroundings from the moment as possible. To close her eyes, and replay the moment behind closed eyelids. In a way, to close her eyes to see more after. The rationale for her was to have a higher chance to remember the moment and remember it in more details.

I  thought it was a beautiful habit. And it made all the sense in the world.

More memorable experiences

So since then, after a beautiful day, on a beautiful part on a trail, after a hug from one of my kids, after … in other words, a memorable experience … you might find me with my eyes closed, trying to relive the moment, to truly make it a memorable experience.

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