So, I have a blue heart, but from time to time, I have to fly Easyjet. Recently, by chance, I have been flying a lot and I experienced several times that I was allowed two pieces of hand luggage inbound (Amsterdam to London Gatwick), but had to pay for the second piece of hand luggage outbound (London Gatwick to Amsterdam). Also, anticipating the fact that this summer, queues at Schiphol airport probably are horrible, I wanted to make sure I have fast luggage drop-off. Enter Easyjet Plus.

Easyjet launched its (loyalty?) card programme, Easyjet Plus, in 2008. It is an atypical program, as you pay for the status upfront (€239 euros), rather than collecting points and/or achieving a status. Normally, I would not be inclined to do so, but well … speed.

Full benefits of Easyjet Plus:

  • Select any seat on the plane free of charge.
  • Drop your bags off at the dedicated bag drop desks (pretty much like premium desk for other airlines).
  • Fast Track security at selected airports (35 as I am writing this).
  • Speedy boarding, to secure locker space (yes, it has come this far).
  • Bring second under seat bag (handbag/laptop) in addition to your main cabin bag (this saves me tens of pounds every time I fly London and forget).
  • Price promise – If on a rare occasion you find the same flight on at a lower price, Easyjet will give you the price difference towards your next flight;
  • Get an earlier return flight home on the same day at no extra cost (there seem to be quite some restrictions on this, but this sounds really convenient).

What I do not understand -by the way- is why Easyjet does not offer a free coffee or tea during their flight for Easyjet Plus members. Cost of implementing this should be really low, it is a simple way to reward Plus members and it is a visible benefit for others in the plane who probably would be more inclined to have a look at the Plus benefits.

My experience with Easyjet Plus

  • It takes 21 days to deliver your Easyjet Plus card at home. While I am writing this, I am 14 days and 4 Easyjet flights into my Easyjet Plus membership. Although Easyjet promises you can get going right away, I have experienced it is a bit of a hassle sometimes to explain to staff that you are indeed an Easyjet Plus member (showing mails, screenshots, etc).
Easyjet Plus queue in Naples; everyone queueing up for Easyjet Plus …
  • Special fast queues are great, but are not always monitored well. When I recently wanted to drop off my luggage at Naples airport, all Easyjet passengers (bot Easyjet plus and non Easyjet plus) were queueing up at the same Easyjet Plus line. Those are the moments to regret paying 239 euros.

So, is it worth it … it’s a pretty expensive fast pass and a steep price to punish myself for not being able to remember I can only take one piece of hand luggage. But, as I probably will fly close to 20 stretches with Easyjet this year, it’s probably worth the money. In case I would fly less … not so much. That means Easyjet Plus is probably not the card for most of us. A shame, because it has quite some potential, both in exisiting benefits and potential expansion (free coffeeeeeeeeeh!).

Easyjet Plus costs €239,- and is available via the Easyjet website.


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