This week I had a crazy week of traveling. From my home near Gent to Antwerp to Amsterdam. After two days in Amsterdam, I left for Madrid where -after one meeting- traveled on to Frankfurt. After a day of work there I flew back to Amsterdam with a stopover in Madrid. Back to Gent for a short weekend with the family before traveling to Athens from Brussels via Zürich. With approximately 15 hours on a plane, of which 5 hours in business class, I had plenty of onboard getting-things-done time for myself. And then, somewhere on a flight from Madrid to Amsterdam in Seat 28D next to a restless sleeping Spanish woman I realized – I actually get more work done in Economy.

On getting work done

Much of my work consists of either strategy or storytelling – I either plan the way forward for my customers to achieve their goals and/or I create the storylines, speakernotes or presentations to get them accross. I need my focussed time for this. I just get easily distracted by pretty much anything. Something happening in the corner of my eye

I need my focussed time alone behind my computer to get my stuff done. It is one of the reasons why I tend to wake up every day between 04h00 and 06h00 – to have the alone time behind my computer.

Getting work done in Business Class

Trying to get some work done in business class
Trying to get some work done in business class

I was lucky enough to be on a wide-body Dreamliner from LATAM this week in Business Class. A great plane, great service. I loved it. But I didn’t get much work done.

Before take off I got my drink and nibbles.
After the fasten seatbelts sign was turned off, we got our hot towels and thing were prepared for a fancy snack.
During the snack I watched some movie and although I didn’t really like it, I couldn’t force myself to turn the movie off to get some work done.
By the end of the movie I had given up.

Getting work done in Economy

No snacks.
No champagne.
No food.
No wine.
No movies.
Nothing to be distracted.

Same flight time, two presentations and a blog post finished.

I realised I get more work done in Economy. I guess am not a spoiled brat (yet).

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