For the last years, I have been traveling a lot and spent a yearly average of 200 nights per year away from home. It enriched my life in so many ways. I met so many great people, enjoyed so many different cultures, food and experiences. But on the other hand, I must admit, I have developed some pretty weird an annoying character traits because of it. Traveling a lot made me a horrible person.

To name a few:

1) I developed some quirks (especially when it comes to packing)

Color-coded toilet bags
Color-coded toilet bags

I became rather stubborn when it comes to how to pack my suitcase and bags; I have color coded toilet bags, I pack my running shoes with hairnets and a range of other peculiar travel hacks. Things that make total sense when you travel a lot, but make you look like an idiot for most normal people.

Horrible person … check.

2) I became a spoiled little brat when it comes to hotels

Kimpton De Witt in Amsterdam - one of my favorite hotels ever
Kimpton De Witt in Amsterdam – one of my favorite hotels ever

With spending so many times in hotels, I have a hard time enjoying hotels. I remember my first time in a hotel with my mom and dad when I was a kid – it was a truly magical experience. My daughter’s eyes still light up when I tell her we’ll stay at a hotel when we’re on our annual father-daughter-day. My wife can truly enjoy the smell of fresh bedlinen at a nice hotel.

But over the years I became accustomed to hotels and even started to hating the concept of a hotel a bit (unpersonal feel, all hotels are pretty much the same, …) – I became rather picky when it comes to enjoying a hotel stay – there are only so many hotels and hotel chains that can truly delight me still (I reviewed some of them).

Horrible person … check.

3) I have a low tolerance for mistakes

I don’t have high standards when it comes to hotels (clean, quiet and not too far from where I have to be will do fine), but I really can’t stand if hotels do not get the basics right.

Too many dirty hotel rooms, customer service screw-ups and other bad experiences have depleted my tolerance for mistakes. I really find it difficult to calmly explain for the gazillionth time that I just want a clean bathroom, that my contact details are wrong (or filling out my contact details when I’m a loyal member of the hotel chain). It certainly does not make me the easiest of guests.

Horrible person … check.

4) I turned neurotic when it comes to my own bed

Because I am used to sleeping in places that are not my own (hotels), I became really protective of my own bed at home. I really can’t stand it when people use the phone charger next to my bed or sleep on my pillow. I guess it’s because it is pretty much the only piece of privacy I have during my week. Well, I guess it’s material for a shrink some day.

Horrible person … check.

5) I have difficulties staying in the same place

I guess my body is soooo used to movement it starts to react on non-movement. Especially after more than two weeks in the same place (at home for example), I start to notice I get anxious and can’t wait to get away – even if it’s only for a day or two.

Horrible person … check.

6) I want more

I guess traveling is like tasting from the fountain of youth – it keeps you young and makes you addicted. I find it hard to imagine not traveling any more. That is why I am continuously planning new places to visit and updating my wishlist of places to visit.

Horrible person … check.

So yes, I can honestly say, traveling a lot made me a horrible person.

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