A study of 1,000 adults for UK-based holiday rental home insurance provider Schofields revealed (see the Travolution post) that just over 40% of respondents valued how their holiday will appear to their friends and families as the most important factor. In other words: more than 40% of adults think ‘Instagrammable destinations’ is the most important thing … really?! I recently wrote a post on how this is a bad thing. Now hear me out on how this can be a good thing.

Instagrammable destinations – the good way

Instagrammable destinations – the good way. I actually got some of the best tips about the Jordan Trail via Instagram (just like I got some amazing tips when preparing for the GR20).

I actually noticed myself using Instagram a lot like I would use Twitter several years ago – to stumble upon like-minded people and share ideas/experiences. Especially when preparing for the Jordan Trail, which is a relatively new trail with not too much videos, blogs and other content detailing the experience – every tip, experience and content shared is extra valuable.

Whether it is recent updates on the quality of the trail, detours on the trail, potential dangers (snakes, flash floods, etc), recent weather updates, Instagrammable side-tours, remarkable events (the Swedish Prince and Crown Princess of Sweden recently visited the Jordan Trail), general warnings or other information.

Instagrammable destinations – using Instagram for good

While preparing and planning my trips, I actively follow related Instagram hashtags on people traveling to the same destination. For example, for the Jordan Trail, I would follow #jordantrail, #wadirum, and #visitjordan.

Instagram makes it rather easy to reach out to people via their comments or via messaging. I have found it to be a great way to learn about the trail and experiences of other hikers – I got some of my best tips from them.

A special thanks to Leif an Anna.

Instagrammable destinations

Instagrammable destinations have gotten a bad reputation and for a good reason.
But Instagrammable destinations isn’t always bad. Let’s use Instagram as a force for good.

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