The majestic view of its bridges, castles and baths never seizes to impress me, even after being there a few times. These are my favorite places in Budapest:

Budapest – my favorite places to eat

Food in Budapest … just … wow.

  • For a Michelin star restaurant, Wine Kitchen is super affordable.  The food is amazing (expect robust classic French kitchen), especially its wine pairings (hence the name). Make sure to make a reservation beforehand (€€€).
  • Onyx Budapest even has two Michelin stars and has a similar story. We had a great experience when we had to cancel our reservation because my wife was ill during our pregnancy – the team was super friendly and flexible (€€€).
  • We loved the ‘student experience’ at Hummus Bar in Budapest (there are several throughout town). Great for the pitta bread with falafel, hummus and eggplant spreads.
  • Margit kert has a great courtyard and the food is beyond decent. (€€)

Budapest – my favorite places to stay

Budapest – my favorite places to go out for a drink

  • Espresso Embassy has amazing coffee.
  • The 360 Bar has a bit of a strange entrance through a business-like building, but one of the best views over Budapest.
  • There are several ‘ruin bars’ throughout town, in abandoned buildings.
  • Drop Shop Wine Bar (near the parliament).
  • Palack Borbar (opposite Gellert bath).
  • Several wine bars at Kiraly Utca square.
  • At Balna Budapest there’s a great micro brewery near the Donau river. A bit more challenging to reach by tram, but totally worth it if you’re enjoying a local beer in the sun near the river.

Budapest – my favorite places to go out for a bath

Actually you should try all baths in Budapest – each one of them has distinct features that make it worthwile visiting.

  • Rudas baths is probably our favorite.
  • Szechency has a great outdoor swimming pool.
  • Gellert Spa and Bath is insanely beautifull, but unfortunately men and women have separate baths.
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