The best tips for Vrångö – according to me.

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In February, we had booked a surprise city trip with and ended up in Gothenburg. As my wife and I were just in a phase were we were a bit fed up with cities, we decided to make some day trips outside of Gothenburg. So here are the best tips for Vrångö – according to me.

How to get there?

There’s a regular ferry to Vrångö island. It takes approximately 30mins by tram from the Gothenburg city center to the ferry from the boat terminal Saltholmen. The ferry leaves every 30-60 minutes (depending season and time of day) and takes between 30 and 60 minutes to get to Vrångö.
Beautiful Vrango in Sweden

The best things to do in Vrångö – according to me.

  • Walk the island. Take your time to visit the different small harbours, visit the nature area on the island, climb the lookout point and be amazed by the amazing views.
  • Have some fresh fish in the Vrångö harbour. If you’re really lucky, you’ll see the exact boat that will have brought in your catch of the day.


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