As I was planning for my Summer 2019 hiking adventure, I was preparing to hike the Kungsleden in Sweden – over 440 kilometers in pretty remote areas in Sweden. While planning, I decided to change my plans and hike the Arctic Circle Trail in Greenland. However, here’s my Kungsleden solo hike packing list (still under construction):

Kungsleden solo hike packing list (Sweden)

  • Essentials
  •  Clothing
    • 3* Underwear (Icebreaker)
    • 2* Under shirt (Icebreaker)
    • 2* Hiking pants
    • 1* Wind stopper (Icebreaker)
    • 1* Fleece sweater
    • Rain jacket
    • Rain pants
    • Sun glasses Julbo Aero Zebra Light Fire
    • Footwear
      • 3* Walking socks
      • 3* Liner socks
      • Hiking boots (have to get new ones)
  • Electronics
  •  Toiletries
    • 1* Towel
    • Toilet articles for personal use
    • Plaster for blisters and medicine for personal use
    • 2* Wet toilet paper towels
    • Toilet paper
    • Hygiene hand gel
    • Biodegradable soap
    • Sun screen
    • Biodegradable washing soap
  • Cooking
    • MSR Titan Titanium Cooking Pot
    • MSR Pocket Rocket
    • MSR fire spark starter
    • Gas cannister (bought locally)
    • 2l Camelbak pack
    • Camelbak liter pouch
    • MSR Titanium Knife
    • Spork
    • Pocket knife
  • Food
    • 10* 3* Adventure Food Dinner
    • 20* Powerbar gel
    • 10* Powerbar Gelshots
    • 3*5-pack Bifi
    • Medicine
      • Norrit O.R.S.
      • Pain killers
      • Extra vitamins

Recent tweaks and changes to my Kungsleden solo hike packing list

Since my last Laugavegur trail hike, these are the key tweaks/changes I made to my Kungsleden solo hike packing list:

  • I decided to exchange my Decathlon hiking pole for a double Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork. I really wanted to have two super reliable hiking poles. These also give me the flexibility to maybe in the future start exchanging my tent for a tarp (using the hiking poles as tent poles – but probably not on the Kungsleden).
  • Gregory Baltoro 65 (M) for Gregory Z30 Iron Gray. The Baltoro is bigger than the Z30 and will make sure I can more easily pack my gear and keep my gear dry while hiking.


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