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Arctic Circle Trail solo hike packing list (Greenland)

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June 2019, I will be hiking the Arctic Circle Trail in Greenland – over 200 kilometers (the normal 165km trail + the extra trail towards the Russel Glacier) in pretty remote areas on the land part of Greenland. Here’s my Arctic Circle Trail solo hike packing list:

My Arctic Circle Trail solo hike packing list (Greenland)

I total approximately 15 kilograms of gear, outside of water and the clothes I’m wearing.


  • Backpack (Gregory Baltoro 65 (M))
  • Backpack rain cover (Gregory Baltoro 65 (M))
  • Walking sticks (Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork) – I will bring two as I will need both of them for my MSR Thru Hiker tent and as I am planning to use them for river crossings.
  • Sea-to-summit eVent Waterproof bag 4x (for waterproof packing of my gear – also see my separate post)
  • Sea To Summit TPU Accessory Case
  • Sea-to-summit trash bag



  • 3* Underwear (Icebreaker) – I use two black ones for hiking and a red one for the evenings/nights
  • 3* Under shirt (Icebreaker) – I use two black longsleeve ones for hiking and a red one for the evenings/nights
  • 3* Hiking pants (The North Face)
  • 1* Thermoball jacket (The North Face)
  • 1* Softshell (Icebreaker)
  • Rain jacket
  • Rain pants
  • Sun glasses Julbo Aero Zebra Light Fire
  • Head Net (for mosquitos)
  • Footwear
    • 3* Walking socks
    • Hiking boots (Meindl Sento GTX I first used on the Jordan Trail)
    • Vivobarefoot Primus Swimrun SG Mesh as camp shoes and for water crossings



  • 1* Towel
  • Toilet articles for personal use
  • Plaster for blisters and medicine for personal use
  • 2* Wet toilet paper towels
  • Hygiene hand gel
  • Biodegradable soap (for washing, cleaning)
  • Sun screen
  • 3* lenses + lensfluid
  • glasses + box for glasses


  • MSR Titan Titanium Cooking Pot
  • MSR Pocket Rocket
  • MSR fire spark starter
  • Gas cannister (bought locally in Sisimiut)
  • 2* Camelbak Eddy
  • Spork
  • Pocket knife


Also, see my dedicated post on food on the Arctic Circle Trail.

  • 12* Adventure Food Dinner (5 days lunch and dinner + 1 extra day)
  • 8* Oatmeal breakfast
  • 10* Powerbar gel
  • 10* Powerbar Gelshots
  • 2*5-pack Bifi
  • Medicine
  • Pain killers
  • Extra vitamins


Recent tweaks and changes to my Arctic Circle Trail solo hike packing list

Since my last Laugavegur trail hike and later -in different circumstances- my Jordan Trail hike, these are the key tweaks/changes I made:

  • I decided to exchange my Decathlon hiking pole for a double Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork. I really wanted to have two super reliable hiking poles.
  • Gregory Baltoro 65 (M) for Gregory Z30 Iron Gray. The Baltoro is bigger than the Z30 and will make sure I can more easily pack my gear and keep my gear dry while hiking.
  • Head net to keep away flies and mosquitos (I read this pretty much in every post, especially during June/July).
  • Garmin InReach Mini. As only 300-2000 hikers complete the Arctic Circle Trail every year, it is very well possible that you won’t encounter other human beings for several days. Additionally, cellphone reception is really bad, which makes the InReach Mini probably the best way to keep in contact with the homefront and get help in case of trouble.
  • MSR Thru-Hiker setup. Although I am super happy with my normal MSR tent, I decided on going rather ultra-light on my Arctic Circle Trail adventure. I figured worst case, I could opt for one of the huts along the route. This was probably my
  • Camelbak Eddy instead of Camelbak bladder. As water is plentiful along the trail, I guessed it is easier to refill my Camelbak Bottles than my bladder. One of the downsides to a bladder is also that it is hard to see how much water is still in it and the fact it is emptied out, makes it frees up space in your backpack for your gear to move around in your backpack.
  • Extra clothing. I brought an extra pair of clothing compared to what I would normally bring as after hiking the Arctic Circle Trail, I am heading out to Ilullisat. Worst case, I would not be able to wash my clothes along the trail and a fresh pair of clothes would be appreciated by the others on the plane and in the Ilimanaq lodge.


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