If I got a penny for every time I had to find sand from my running shoes in my suitcases or sand from my hiking show in the rest of my backpack, I would be a very rich man. I never found the real hack. I’ve had different bags for my running shoes, but they either smell or have ventilation holes in them (and so the sand is all over the place). The plastic bags I have used for my hiking shoes often were punctured by something. The surprising hack? A plastic hairnet.

A plastic hairnet

So when I spotted this hack on Belgium finest, Tjoolaard’s Instagram, I instantly implemented it. The blessing of a plastic hairnet. You can usually find them at your hotel or hostel (I found them in my hostel in Iceland) or if you’re a real hardcore traveller, you can even buy them in bulk via Amazon or a local retailer. Use them to cover the soles of your shoes and you never have dirt or mud leaks into your clothes again.

Plastic hairnet on my hiking shoes
Plastic hairnet on my hiking shoes
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