As I spend over 200 nights per year in hotels, I have plenty of stories to tell about hotels. About cleanliness, about loyalty programs, about sad birthday experiments en well … taking a photo of your room number. Yes … well … so, this might be one that needs some explanation.

One of my ultimate moments of hotel shame came when I stood for a closed door, frantically swiping my hotel room key card. And I could not get in. I was annoyed – I just came up 6 floors with the elevator and did not look forward to go back downstairs to the front desk. But well … I had no choice.

So, I arrived downstairs, clearly agitated. The clerk asked for my room number and name. He looked at me and asked me if I was sure. Yes I was … I thought … well … now … not anymore.

Turned out I was right about the room number … it only was the room number of the room in the hotel I slept the night before.  In another country. In another city.

So since then, I make a photo of my room number on my mobile phone before leaving the room, so I can look it up. Just to make sure that next time, in another city, I do not end up frantically swiping my room key before the wrong room number.

To make it totally 2017 … you could even do a selfie.
Next time you take a photo of your room number, think of me.

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