My travel plans

When I’m not traveling, I’m usually making new plans to travel (I even have a dedicated blog category for that). So here’s an overview of how I plan and what I am currently planning for.

*obviously, continuously updated

How I plan for my trips

Omakase, but planning for trips?

Omakase traveling (traveling unprepared, with an open mind) and extensive planning seem a contradiction at first. However, some basic planning (in case of city trips) and some more extensive planning (in case of multi-day hikes), helps to let loose and fully immerse. 

On planning and preparation
Date night with Marieke
Jordan Trail Planning and preparation

Upcoming trips:


  • 2019
  • 2020
    • February: Quarterly review Bali
    • February: The Hague (The Netherlands)
    • March: Quarterly review Skopje (North Macedonia)
    • April: A second attempt on the Jordan Trail – to do a proper Dana to Petra and then finish to Aqaba.
    • Juni: A quick week-long hike (potentially last stretch of Way of St James) before going to Hof van Saksen again (probably).
    • July: Quarterly review
    • September: Most likely a new try to finish the Arctic Circle Trail in Greenland



Bucket lists

It never hurts to dream – so here are the places I would love to visit. I tend to already prepare future trips to some level (this sounds in contrast with omakase traveling, but it is actually not 🙂 ).

Additionally, as I have a family (wife, two kids), I make sure to plan my solo travels to places and/or countries where I probably won’t go with my wife and kids in the near future. Read my full post on planning holidays with wife and kids.

Hiking bucket list

So many amazing hikes, so little time. Why hiking? Read my separate blog post on why hiking and another on why I like to hike alone.

Bucketlist places

Bucketlist cities and countries

Why travel solo? Why these countries? Read my dedicated posts.

Cape Town (South Africa)
For obvious reasons. All the reasons.
Welsh canals (South Wales)
Thanks Matt for the tip. Amazingly beautiful part of South Wales.
To be planned
Legoland Denmark
Been there as a kid, would love to show my kids.
As soon as my kids are old enough to remember.
Amazing nature - and not-yet-mainstream.
New Zealand Again
Most probably the most beautiful country in the world.
Slovenia (incl. Ljubljana)
So pretty.
Tel Aviv (Israel)
Amazing city - would love to visit the tech-scene there as well.
Whenever it's possible.
Timbuktu (Mali)
Too many songs about it - now I have to be there.
When it's safe.
Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Ireland, Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Armenia, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Malta
Countries left on my Europe scratchcard.
Whenever it's possible.

Hotel bucket list

I’m a sucker for good hotels (here are some of my favorites). These are some I would love to visit some day.

Photo: JW Marriott in Venice