Over the years, I developed a healthy interest in both surprises and lifehacks. Brushing your teeth with the opposite hand combines both.

When you’re open-minded, you experience travel differently. It makes it easier to connect with locals, see the beauty in simple things, to enter that one street you would not normally have discovered, to order the amazing dish you never tasted before. Omakase traveling.

Surprise – as is done by companies like srprs.me – is a great secret weapon to create open-mindedness, but there are many different small interventions that help you build this openness of mind.

And although I have my specific routines, including specific hiking hygiene routine (I often even go as far as cutting my toothbrush in half to save grams), one of them is brushing your teeth with the opposite hand (as mentioned before by Lifehacker and other blogs).

According to a study by Case Western Reserve University, small changes in habits (like brushing your teeth with the opposite hand) increases your stamina for focusing on tasks.

Even if the toothbrush switch doesn’t actually help your willpower, it couldn’t hurt your dental health, as you may reach parts of your mouth you’ve been ignoring with your regular brushing technique.

What are your hacks to experience more?

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