Only discover at the airport where you’re going. The worst possible city trip for some, the best idea ever for others. But whatever you think about the concept, it makes people travel differently. As you can not prepare for your destination, you have an open mind – no previous idea, todo list, list op top-10 places to visits has spoiled your first impression of the city. You’re way more likely to ask locals, find something unexpected or be open for a local experience. All because of the surprise element – you’ll only discover at the airport where you’re going:, experience more with surprise holidays.

The experience

After booking via the website, where you can choose different types of trips, accomodations, areas of Europe or the world and other details of your trip, you’re pretty much set.

A week before your trip you’ll get a weather forecast that is updated every day, so you know what to pack. And a few days before your trip you will get a scratch card, a physical card you can scratch open at the airport. The code that is revealed can be entered on a website that will then reveal your destination.

Only at the airport, you’ll discover where you’re going. A magical moment as only then your destination is revealed. The video above aptly illustrates the magic of that moment. 

Our experiences

My wife and I did three different surprise trips: to Warsaw, Gothenburg and to Madrid. We ended up in the best possible meat restaurant we could think of in Warsaw, ended up on an island with locals in Gothenburg, slept in a hotel I would normally have never found, got the tip for one of our best restaurant experiences this year (Fismuler in Madrid) from one of the hipster hotel employees.

The idea behind, a remarkable company culture

The idea, that when you have an open mind, you experience more (and which resembled the way I have been traveling), is deeply rooted in their company culture. When I would have dinner with the, we would always have omakase dinners, we would have the chef choose our food (a true omakase), like the time we had a surprise dinner in Bodo in Gent.

The leading principle within their organization is ‘as a friend’ – to treat both customers and colleagues as friends. A concept that is anchored in how the company started, as a group of friends that once just did what the name of the company says – book a surprise destination for one of their friends. That concept means an exceptional company culture and commitment to make customers happy.

Our overall experience

We loved every single one of our srprs trips, as it is so close to our normal way of traveling. An open mind, expectations left at home. I try to do it in every city I visit, and apply the idea behind to everything between how I pick my runshow I pick my foodhow I plan activities with my kidshow I explore cities and how I travel in general

It truly makes you experience in a different way and I can most definatily recommend to try it.

We paid between 250 and 350 euros per person for a 3 night stay in the different cities we went to. 

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