It is difficult to talk about Scheveningen without talking about The Hague, the home of the Dutch government that ’embraces’ the coastal city of Scheveningen. Because both cities are so close, consider spending time in The Hague as well or consider a hotel in The Hague if Scheveningen is fully booked. So here are the best tips for Scheveningen – according to me.

Why you’ll love Scheveningen

My best omakase experience in Scheveningen

The Japanese habit of omakase (お任せ) when you’re ordering at a restaurant pretty much means, “I’ll leave it up to you”, inviting the chef to be innovative and surprising in the selection of dishes. I try to do it in every city I visit, and apply the idea behind to everything between how I pick my runshow I pick my foodhow I plan activities with my kidshow I explore cities and how I travel in general.

So, I tried this in Scheveningen as well.

The best hotels in Scheveningen – according to me.

  • You have to try the Grand Hotel Amrâth Kurhaus at least once in your life. The palace-like hotel at the seafront (maybe reminding you a bit of the Thermae Palace hotel in Ostend in Belgium) is one of the trademark places in Scheveningen.

If that doesn’t work out, consider staying in the nearby The Hague Indigo hotel:

  • Hotel Indigo The Hague – Palace Noordeinde is one of my favorite IHG brands (like the Indigo hotel in Antwerp). Indigo tries to bring the neighborhood into its hotels, which means that this specific hotel -opposite a royal palace and once a bank – is decorated with royal portraits, Art Deco stained glass, brass lamps and marble columns (referring to the luxury world of private banking).

The best bars in Scheveningen – according to me.

Scheveningen beach
Scheveningen beach
  • The piano bar in Scheveningen, Crazy Pianos is not for everyone, but for those who love piano playing wannabe rockstars (in a good way) turning regular evenings into memorable sing-a-long evenings.

The best restaurants in Scheveningen – according to me.

The best coffee in Scheveningen – according to me.

The best things to do in Scheveningen – according to me.

  • Whether it is summer or winter, it really pays off to go to the beach area. Have a stroll along the boulevard and have drinks and dinner at one of the many beach bars.

The best places to go out for a run in Scheveningen – according to me.

Kilometers and kilometers of dunes and coast on every side. Choose either southbound (direction Westduinpark) or northbound (Oostduinpark and beyond).

What are the best tips for Scheveningen – according to you?

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