Omakase in Kanteki in Tanabe in Japan

Omakase: Kanteki in Tanabe (Japan)

Tanabe, a small town on the Japanese coast was my base for one night. I was preparing for a three day hike on the Kumano Kodo trail and would be traveling by bus the next morning to the trailhead. The start of my first true omakase.

As it was a Sunday, many restaurants in town were closed, but the host of my ryokan (local inn) advised me to try Kanteki (TripadvisorLocal travel). It took me a while to find it, as it was hidden in a part of town with small streets. The streets were pretty much empty and I was struggling to find the restaurant up until the moment I heard noise coming from a small alley. That noise turned out to be … Kanteki.

The owner and the staff hardly spoke any English. So the best option for me was to order omakase … let the chef choose. The chef was visibly delighted and made some of the most amazing things I ate during my Japan trip. At some point it turned out the guy sitting next to me at the bar was the fisherman who caught the fish I was eating, I got free shots of local plum liquor, … it was a memorable evening.

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