While preparing my Jordan Trail hike (270km in 5,5 days), I was looking to shave off pretty much every gram of gear I could. As I will have long stretches (up to 2 days) of the trail without the possibility of resupplying food or water (I even made a special water day planning), I would be carrying up to 8,5 liter water as well as food for 6 days. That in itself was close to 15 kilos. With essentials like my tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, cooking gear and backpack, that would be close to 20 kilos. So every extra gram I could avoid to carry with me would be well appreciated. And that’s why I started carrying duct tape on trekking poles.

On longer hikes, I always carry duct tape. Duct tape is one of the brilliant inventions that always come in handy. To fix your sleeping pad, to fix your tent, to fix your backpack, to hang your clothing while you want them to dry. Etcetera, etcetera. But packing a full roll of duct tape, in that case, does not make any sense.

So to shave off several grams, I decided to carry my duct tape on trekking poles. It’s a travel hack I once found in one of Darwin on the Trail’s videos.

Applying duct tape to trekking poles

I use a normal role of duct tape.

While applying the duct tape, I keep several millimeters between the handle and the tape to and make it easier to remove after and to make it easier to feel where my handle stops.

Also, when applying I leave the role of duct tape hanging down, which makes it super easy to keep the duct tape on the same spot (and don’t get wrinkles in the tape).

This way, you are still carrying plenty of duct tape and shave off quite some grams.

Adding duct tape to my trekking poles
Adding duct tape to my trekking poles
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