Digital nomad planning and preparation

To many extents, I am a digital nomad. For a larger part of the last 10 years, I have spent more than 200 nights per year from home. And although most of my nights are spent in Amsterdam (and to a lesser extent Prague, London and Paris). Recently, I have come to appreciate time away from my office at my clients to be able to have full, productive days. I did so recently when I spent several days in London and even more recently, when spending time in Stockholm. So, I decided to explore if working less from Amsterdam and more from other cities would make sense for me. So, here’s my post on my digital nomad planning and preparation.

Digital nomad?

As early as in 2008 (!) I registered the domain, preparing for a new life, working remotely from different parts of the world. Although I did end up traveling the world (and a lot), it didn’t turn out in the romantic way I had envisioned and/or many digital nomads do now.

Step 1: settle on the idea for my digital nomad trip

So, the objective of this trip would be to see a) if working remotely works as well for me as I would think b) if this is indeed a valid replacement for my normal work weeks in terms of productivity c) how to actually find proper destinations and then finally d) if it would make sense to do more/longer of these trips throughout the year.

Several resources I used:

  • Nomadlist – an overview of best digital nomad cities, ranked on different variables.

Step 2: validate

Destinations requirements

Some requirements I set up for the destination:

  • Not overly expensive
  • With access to a resort-style swimming pool or beach (hey, important to unwind during the week)
  • A country/city I had not been before

Possible digital nomad destinations

As I wanted to go to a country and city I had not been before, it ruled out some potential destinations like Portugal, the Spanish Islands, Japan, Athens (or other parts of Greece)

  • Dubai, Abu Dhabi
  • Marrakech
  • Tel Aviv
[add later]

Step 3: settle on a date.

[to be added later, probably somewhere 2019/2020]

Step 4: lock-in the trip.

[to be added later, probably somewhere 2019/2020]

Step 5: create a rough day planning for my digital nomad trip.

[to be refined later]

Fallback options

Especially since my experience at the Iceland Laugavegur trail and it’s fast-changing weather, I promised myself to make a back-up planning 🙂

Step 6: creating a packing list for my digital nomad trip.

To be added later, but probably similar to my Laugavegur packing list.

Budget for my digital nomad trip

[to be added later, probably somewhere 2019/2020]
  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  •  Extras

Total cost estimate – 


[to be added later, probably somewhere 2019/2020]

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