As I spend most of my weeks roaming through the different parts of Europe, Europe is like my extended home. There is no content with some many different yet similar cultures so close to each other.

After some New York and Asia adventures, I decided traveling intercontinental for work was not for me. For work, I travel most of Europe. From Amsterdam (weekly) to Prague (quarterly) and from Paris and London (both regularly) to conferences in Athens or Bratislava.

Although my wife and I are a bit over city trips, we still regularly visit European capitals – Madrid, Prague, Warsaw, Brussels, …

So, here are my favorite places in Europe:

Laugavegur trail in the snow

Europe by foot: my favorite hikes.

There are some amazing hikes in Europe, here are some of my favorite hikes.

Sky over Warsaw
Gent - Gravensteen

My favorite European city trips

So many cities to choose from. These are my favorites.

Some highlights:

A glimpse of the memories I made in Europe: