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I have spent over 200 nights per year in hotels for the last 7 years. So by now, I have a pretty good idea what a good or a bad hotel is. Here are my experiences.

I’ve had some amazing and some horrible hotel experiences in my life. I still love my nights at the Kimpton DeWitt in Amsterdam and the QO Amsterdam (to name a few). On the other hand, I had my fair share of dirty hotel rooms and I had my sad birthday hotel experiment.

Marieke bought me a perfect birthday cake for my 36th birthday

My hotel habits.

Kimpton De Witt in Amsterdam - one of my favorite hotels ever
View from our window at 1898 The Post

My favorite hotels.

So many hotels to choose from. These are my favorites.

Some of the best hotels I’ve stayed in:

A glimpse of the nice hotel memories I’ve made: