I have spent over 200 nights per year in hotels for the last 7 years. So by now, I have a pretty good idea what a good or a bad hotel is. I had my fair share of dirty hotel rooms and I had my sad birthday hotel experiment. Here are my experiences with Marriott: The best and worst of Marriott hotels – according to me.

On my Marriott hotel experiences.

I have been a Marriott loyalty program member since 2012 and at the end of 2018, I have picked up my stays in Marriott properties as an alternative to IHG and Hilton stays and because a new property opened conveniently located close to one of my clients and one of my favorite running areas in Amsterdam.

I currently hold Platinum status with Marriott after a fast track to Platinum status, and will most probably reach Titanium status later this year.

The best of Marriott hotels.

I love the fact Marriott has (next to their more mainstream brands) a range of Autograph collection of boutique hotels, something I really miss especially in the IHG (even Kimpton De Witt in Amsterdam and Kimpton Fitzroy in London are kind of similar, as well as the different Indigo hotels like the one in Antwerp). We once stayed in the Hotel Nassau in Breda (part of the Autograph collection) which was amazing.

The worst of Marriott hotels

I had a limited number of bad experiences with Marriott to be honest. And if so (mainly dirty room), they were solved quickly and efficiently.

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