I have spent over 200 nights per year in hotels for the last 7 years. So by now, I have a pretty good idea what a good or a bad hotel is. I had my fair share of dirty hotel rooms and I had my sad birthday hotel experiment. Here are my experiences with IHG: The best and worst of IHG hotels – according to me.

On my IHG hotel experiences.

I love and hate IHG now for over 3 years. It is the best of hotels and the worst of hotels (more on that below): some of the nicest people and staff and some of the most horrible hotel experiences.

I currently hold Spire Ambassador status with IHG (second year now).

The best of IHG hotels.

Some of my favorite properties are with IHG: the QO in Amsterdam, the Kimpton De Witt in Amsterdam, the Kimpton Fitzroy in London, the Indigo Hotels including the Indigo hotel in Antwerp and the Indigo in The Hague.

Apart from that, it is relatively easy to collect and redeem points.

The worst of IHG hotels.

The number of bad experiences I’ve had with IHG is staggering. From a serious privacy issue where another guest’s email address was connected to my stay to dirty rooms (the photo with the stained couch is from one of my IHG stays) and from writing my name and address details wrong (up to 80% of the times) to missing stays (at some point 7 out of my 9 last stays). Maybe the worst is their horrible customer service (standard replies, hanging up the phone).

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