Close to 300km through the Jordan desert.

In November 2018, I hiked the Jordan Trail in -duh- Jordan – six to eight days and close to 300 kilometers through pretty rough terrain. Here’s my Jordan Trail solo hike packing list:Also see my other packing lists from trails like Laugavegur (Iceland), GR20 (Corsica) and Kumano Kodo (Japan).

Recent tweaks and changes in my Jordan Trail solo hike packing list

I learned a lot from my first attempt to hike the Jordan Trail. When it comes to packing, especially to keep my pack as light as possible. Since my 2018 thru hike attempt of the Jordan Trail and my most recent Kilimanjaro hike, these are the key tweaks/changes I made:

  • Double Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork. As the Jordan Trail often has stony hills/rocks, I really wanted to have two super reliable hiking poles. These also give me the flexibility for my tarp (using the hiking poles as tent poles).

Additional considerations for my Jordan Trail solo hike packing list

There are still some things I am doubting about while packing for my Jordan Trail solo hike:

  • Tarp or tent: A tarp is seriously lighter than a tent and would be perfect for weather conditions with not too much wind. So, especially after 2018, I am now opting for a tarp set-up.


Jordan Trail solo hike packing list (Jordan)

  • Jordan Trail solo hike packing list – Electronics
  •  Jordan Trail solo hike packing list – Toiletries
    • 1* Towel
    • Toilet articles for personal use
    • Plaster for blisters and medicine for personal use
    • 2* Wet toilet paper towels
    • Hygiene hand gel
    • Sea to summit wilderness wash 40ml
    • Sea to summit Wilderness wipes
    • Sun screen, after sun, lipbalm
    • Insect repellant
  • Jordan Trail solo hike packing list – Cooking (read more how I prepare my food on the trail). 

    • MSR Titan Titanium Cooking Pot
    • MSR Pocket Rocket
    • MSR fire spark starter
    • Gas cannister (bought locally)
    • 3l Camelbak pack (long)
    • 3l Camelbak pack (wide)
    • 2* Camelbak 500ml pouch
    • 2* Camelbak Eddy 750ml bottle
    • 750ml Thermos Bottle (to boil water in the morning and keep the leftovers)
    • MSR Titanium Knife
    • Spork
    • Pocket knife
    • Sawyer water filter
    • Hairclip (yes, a hairclip)
  • Jordan Trail solo hike packing list – Food (for 6 days) (read more on my favorite food while hiking and my food plan for the Jordan Trail)
    • 17* Adventure Food Dinner
    • 6* Adventure food mixed vegetables
    • 6* Adventure food dessert
    • 6* Adventure food energy bar seeds
    • 18* Powerbar gel
    • 2* Powerbar Gelshots
    • 12* Bifi
    • Some fresh fruit (bought locally)
    • Medicine
      • Norrit O.R.S.
      • Pain killers
      • Extra vitamins


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