Arctic Circle Trail in Greenland

Arctic Circle Trail solo hike

As I’m getting closer to my Arctic Circle Trail solo hike in June, I started to collect different posts and information in preparation. I will be attempting a 5 day thru-hike of the Arctic Circle Trail, starting from Sisimiut and finishing in Kangerlussuaq. After that, I will spend some time exploring Ilullisat and Kangerlussuaq. So here’s all there is to know about my Arctic Circle Trail solo hike.

Before we start: Arctic Circle Trail

Greenland’s Arctic Circle Trail is often listed as one of the best long-distance hikes in the world. The trail stretches up to 200 kilometers (124 miles) from the edge of the ice cap to the fishing town of Sisimiut on the West coast. While 85% of Greenland is covered in ice, there’s a narrow strip along the coastline that’s actually green! And red. And purple. And yellow.

Planning for the Arctic Circle Trail

As the Arctic Circle Trail is mostly a truly solo hike with no opportunities to re-supply during your trek, it requires quite some planning when it comes to food, weather (!), clothing and your shelter. Also, the decision on which direction to hike the trail (more in the next paragraph) is an important one.

Activities around the Arctic Circle Trail

I made the deliberate decision to start from Sisimiut. I wanted to avoid -for whatever reason- to be delayed and to miss my flight from Sisimiut to Kangerlussuaq. That is why I decided to start from Sisimiut and walk to Kangerlussuaq.

With a few spare days, I considered several options, but eventually settled on Ilullisat – to visit the Eqi glacier, do some kayaking, and to stay the night at Ilimanaq lodge.

Arctic Trail solo hike posts

I will be updating the posts and this posts towards my hike in June.

Got additional tips? Let me know!

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